Thursday, September 24, 2015

BSA Gold Vase project update

Progress to date on the BSA Gold Vase. It's been a case of trying to use parts that I've got lying around and matching up the patina to the frame. The bars and stem I had bought simply because I liked the shape and that they had the original John Bull grips. They're alloy bars with a nice moustache bend. The wheels are tandem type with British Hub hubs, they fit and are with a three speed block to match the Cyclo gear hanger. I might just fit the end product with a auxiliary cyclemotor engine so the extra braking power will be useful. A pair of Bluemels Airweight alloy mudguards picked up on the bay of E look right as does the Dorset Saddle I bought a short while back.

Just a chainset to find and then renovate the whole lot and we'll be rolling.

Just about everything collected to build up a cycle now. Just
lacking a chainset.

The Cyclo derailleur I had lying around has turned
out to be a little bit less functional than hoped for.
Twisted and rusted but it should free up and bend
back in to shape. 

Original BSA Gold Vase transfer.

Sweet badge on the Bluemels Air Weight

Original period John Bull handlebar grips.

New old stock Lucas bell from the jet age was lying around
unused and looks a treat on the Beesa.

Handlebars, a stylish moustache bend. Cyclo changer is seized
up so may need new cables making.

Miller headlight with a Terry's clamp on bracket.
Need a rear light to go with it plus maybe a dynamo
or battery pack.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Trade cycle in Slovenia

Another holiday spot in Ptuj, Slovenia, was this delivery cycle serving as a prop for a flower shop. Not sure if the wheels are original to the cycle or not. The front brake lever mechanism is very bizarre.

Delivery cycle in Ptuj, Slovenia.

Odd front brake lever operation looks factory correct.

Monday, September 14, 2015

1990 Alan project coming on

The Alan project is slowly nearing completion. Sourcing components has taken a while, mainly because it is easy to get carried away and spend top money to accumulate everything needed in a rush. As the plan for the bike is for it to be fully Campagnolified I've taken it easy and bought when I've seen the right part for the right price.

Since the last post on the project a pair of Delta brakes have been sourced which cost the same as the frame but were a must have. I've gone for a Triomphe rear mech just because I find them the prettiest mech of the period. Campag aero seatposts in the unusual Alan size of 25mm are always available but generally costly which is probably why most Alan frames are sold without them... 

The bars and stem are Cinelli as that really felt like the only brand that could compliment the project. The stem is an XA, I just love the wedge mechanism for clamping the bars. Just a chainset (anyone out there got a reasonable Croce d'Aune one going for a fair price?) and a Rolls titanium saddle to find now.

The Alan, mostly there now.

Campag delta brakes. Beautiful.

Cinelli bars and stem the only choice.

Just finishing touches required now.

Campagnolo Triomphe rear mech. A boxy squarish kind of beauty.