Sunday, February 28, 2016

Tweaking the path racer

Can't help myself - been tweaking the 'mystery path racer' as featured a month or so back. The cycle was fitted with a homemade front brake lever. Idling time away browsing through the bay of E I came across rather a nice new old stock brake lever that would look far more the part. A fair price coughed up and a few days later it arrives. Needless to say not a straightforward easy fit - the diameter of the operating rod on the new lever was greater so the old anchor bolt and shaft on the stirrup had to be carefully bored out. It's on there now though and it does indeed look a treat.

I stumbled upon a nice early lightweight battery lamp in a local junk shop which is a 'Mandaw' brand item. I'd never heard of the brand before or seen a lamp like it but it is nicely complimentary to the cycle.

Finally there was the minor issue of a puncture. An easy fix and with inflated tyres I took it a spin. Where I live it is hilly. The path racer is a nice ride but it's got to be said there's not a lot of joy to be had trying to stamp around a high geared single speed track bike on hilly terrain charming as the cycle may look...

The path racer, still not sure of the brand.

Nice new old stock front brake lever.

'Mandaw' brand junk shop find early battery light.

And aforementioned light's new home.

And here it is from a different angle.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Shiny new ladies machine

Snap from a family album of someone's nice new ladies sports roadster. Good skills if you can recognise the make or model.

Shiny new fifties ladies frame sports roadster.

Friday, February 5, 2016

BSA Ladies All Weather project

At first look it might seem to be in a bit of a state but this mid twenties BSA All Weather Ladies model is in reality rather nice. The Beesa came my way just recently and the original intention was to break it down for parts as it has a rather desirable Sturmey Tri-Coaster hub and bar mounted barrel type changer. Now it is in my hands I realise that it would be rather criminal to bust it up for spares and the cycle shall be sympathetically restored.

The All Weather ladies and gents cycles were the top of the BSA range for a number of years. They were available with an Eadie coaster single speed hub or BSA three speed with rod rear brake. This machine has no rear brake lever fitted so would have been originally fitted with a coaster hub, the Tri-Coaster it now sports is a later addition but is quite complimentary. 

I cannot work out if the olive green colour is original paint or not. On a couple of components there is a trace of black underneath. I wonder if the colour was an option and if components weren't available in stock in bare metal or green then they would be over painted at the factory?

The BSA is a lovely quality mount with deeply valanced mudguards and steering lock. I have the original rims and it came with new spokes to rebuild. Once back together and with a new string skirt guard it will look lovely. The only part missing is the saddle.

BSA Ladies All Weather model. Looks a bit forlorn but all
there barring the saddle and ripe for a sypathetic resurrection.

Supplied with a coaster brake so just the one brake lever.

The reflector is a nice period accessory. The skirt guard needs

Olive green in colour, the original finish? Note steering lock.

B55163. BSA cycles of the era are notoriously troublesome to
date by number. This one is mid twenties. The All Weather
models had a very long production run.