Monday, November 24, 2014

Sun Manxman finished

The last few parts finally arrived for the Sun Manxman and it was time for the finishing touches.

I'm very pleased with the way it has turned out, not 100% period correct but fairly close. Everything works as it should and the ride is comfortable with a nice direct lively feeling. The gear change is somewhat wanting but with the long route of the cable run via the Campagnolo bar end levers to the sixties changers this shouldn't be a surprise. The 'matchbox' type front changer lives up to its reputation of being particularly woeful.

The drive train threw up a couple of last minute surprises; the cages of the Raleigh branded pedals clashed with the crank arms. Strange. Solved by adding a packing washer on each side. The inner chainwheel is a very tight clearance to the frame. Careful fitting ensured it doesn't rub but possibly I need to source a packing washer to fit beneath the right hand bracket cup to push it out slightly.

A couple of recommendations for a vintage build. The chain is a Clarks Anti-Rust, cheap as chips and ideal for an older cycle. The mudguards are unbranded plain black from ebay. £20 the pair and they look period. 

The Sun will be a summer ride, the chrome work on the stays and forks is delicate. So 'till next year it is destined to be wall art. 

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