Friday, December 12, 2014

1934 FW Evans cycle

This is the current project. A 1934 FW Evans. The cycle came to me in pieces from the grandson of the original owner. I actually bought it for the parts but when I got it home I realised that it was way too nice to split and should be kept as is. It would be a shame to swap out the original parts but some are rather delicate (saddle and handlebar grips) plus it even has pre-war sports tyres. I've decided that the best plan of action will be to source suitable riding parts and keep the originals on the shelf, that way it can be enjoyed and ridden.

It seems like this Evans was used as a general all round clubmans machine for touring and club rides. The three speed hub and hub brake is likely a later addition. I have a Midland pannier rack with it which is rather heavy duty and much as I want to keep it all original it does look awful so this will probably remain off the bike. The mudguards and rack are quick release

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1934 FW Evans.
Sturmey handlebar mounted three speed lever and celuloid
covered bars.

I'm not sure if the original owner painted the accessories to
match the frame or if that was done for him by Evans.

'Ten Spot' cantilever brakes. Very simple and
effective. I had never heard of these brakes
before let alone seen a set.

Swan neck stem, possibly a BSA one and BSA headset.

Rather heavy but high quality Lucas dynamo
and rear light.

The original customer must have specified every braze-on
available in the build. There are even three clips for the rear
brake cable along the top tube.

Constrictor handlebar grips and stylish flat moustache
style handlebars.

The bracket for the (missing and to be sourced)
Lucas milometer is mounted on the fork drop-out.

Attention to detail is superb, even the pump pegs are elegant.

Parker White Knight tyres and correct metal woods valve caps.

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