Saturday, April 30, 2016

GT ZR4000 update

The problem with several projects on the go at once is that they all seem to take so long to finish. Never been much good on focussing on one at once...

Anyway, here's the GT ZR4000 shopping bike. All that is left is cable stops and toggle chain for the Sturmey five speed. I like the way it has worked out though now I look at it I fear it is a bit too small for me; rideable but the position is a bit more dropped than I was hoping for. Oh well, it'll be a good excuse for another project.

GT ZR4000, just some final tweaking left.

Front wheel looks strangely larger than the rear. It isn't.

New school Sturmey trigger and Dia-Compe levers.

Campagnolo Centaur dual pivot brakeset.

Chinese chain tensioner. Looks nice enough, weighs like it is
made from cast iron.

Nice pattern on the Shimano chain ring.

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